Kenyan teens rejecting HIV treatment only due to social stigma
Source :NewsBharati   Date :03-Aug-2017

Nairobi, August 3: Social stigma is one of the most harmful evil social disease. A stigma can push people to carry life threatening act. A large part of youth from three African nations quite HIV treatment only due to due to stigma, discrimination and disclosure issues. Though HIV can be spread through various means still Public are not clearly aware of the transmission process. The United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids (UNAIDS) has revealed that Kenyan teenagers are most likely to quit HIV treatment.

A teenager from the age group 15-19 in Kenya treatment adherence rate is lower and treatment failure rates are higher if compared to other age groups. “Studies in Kenya, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania indicate that young people aged 15 – 19 years are more likely to drop out of HIV care, both before and after starting antiretroviral therapy, than are those aged 10 – 14 years or those older than 20 years,” reads the report.

The report has also cited the reasons behind it. Stigma, discrimination, and disclosure issues have been cited as the main reasons. In addition to that, since they are young they become impatient due to traveling and waiting time at the clinic.

Kenya launched National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy in 2015. The policy acknowledges that HIV/Aids testing in 15-19-year-olds is low. Lack of knowledge of symptoms also stimulates the disease. Critics say topics such as forced sex, gender-based violence, and intimate partner violence was not properly emphasized in SRH.