Amazon, the survivor of an attempt to mining gets enriched list of 381 new species
Source :NewsBharati   Date :31-Aug-2017

Mumbai, August 31: The rich variety of species n the world’s largest rainforest Amazon is known to everyone. A team of researchers has discovered 381 new species in Amazon region, a new research report published. The team conducted a two-year study.

Biodiversity has gifted the region so many different lives that researchers told on an average a new species was discovered every two days. The report was published by the WWF conservation body and Brazil's Mamiraua Institute. There are approximately 10 million species of animals, plants, and insects known to man in the region. The new 381 species include 216 plants, 93 fish, 32 amphibians, 19 reptiles, 1 bird and 20 mammals (2 fossils), the report says.

Human aggression has destroyed biodiversity of many places in the region. Unfortunately, as per the new study, the newly found species live in areas at risk from human activity. The study covers the years of 2014 and 2015.

"All the species that were discovered, all 381, are in areas where humankind is destroying the Amazon. This is very important to us because it links the fact that our economic activities are causing species to go extinct before we even know about them," Ricardo Mello, coordinator of the WWF Brazil Amazon programme said.

Whereas a group of researchers continues their work in the region, Brazil President Michel Temer was about to allow mining in a massive protected reserve in the Amazon rainforest. Fortunately, a Brazilian court blocked the attempt.