EU immigrants ‘aimless’ in Britain; UK universities ask for urgent Brexit ‘clarity’
Source :NewsBharati   Date :04-Aug-2017
London, August 4: The Brexit announcement since 2014 hasn’t put EU immigrants in unrest. Most of the norms are not clear until now. As a result of which EU nationals have started raising questions to the government. UK universities are asking a “greater clarity” from the government on the post-Brexit rights. 

The group of top research universities says Brexit is causing EU staff "uncertainty and anxiety" and making the recruitment of others harder. Ministers say they want "a reciprocal agreement as quickly as possible". The Russell Group is composed of 24 universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow and Cardiff, which are often oversubscribed at undergraduate level and heavily focused on research.
In a briefing note, the group calls the contribution of EU nationals to research and teaching at its institutions "crucial". Prime Minister Theresa May has outlined plans requiring EU nationals resident in the UK to apply for "settled status", which would effectively guarantee them indefinite leave to remain in the country once Britain leaves the bloc.
The proposed status would be given to any EU citizen who has been living in the UK continuously for five years. Those who have been resident for less than five years would be allowed to stay and apply for settled status when they have accumulated the necessary time.
Among the 10 points in the briefing paper is a call for EU nationals who already have permanent residence to be "transferred automatically" to settled status. Other points include:
  • EU students and academics who spend two years or more abroad not to lose their settled status
  • Students starting courses this year and next to be assured they can stay and work in the UK after finishing their courses and be eligible for settled status after clocking up residence of five years
  • An efficient system for processing applications which places minimum burden on applicants
  • Clarity on the rights of families to stay together in the UK
  • Cross-border recognition of EU and UK qualifications post-Brexit
 Currently, there are 25,000 members of staff from the EU countries working in the universities. EU students are also not clear until now of the post-Brexit rights as they want to plan their future ahead. The government legislation on this issue is yet to arrive.