Think before trusting advts! 4519 complaints of misleading advt registered in last 2 years
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Aug-2017

New Delhi, August 5: You can be taller just by drinking a health drink or fairer in one month, thinner in two months. Hormones, Genetical mutation nothing matters. Yes, advertisements often show us these things and we fall into the trap. To prevent such fake misleading advertisements Department of Consumer Affairs launched an online portal called Grievance against Misleading Advertisements (GAMA). From 2015 to 2017, total 4519 complaints regarding misleading advertisements have been registered in the registered in the online portal.

The portal GAMA process the complaints the Advertisement Standards Council of India (ASCI) based on a MoU signed with the Department of Consumer Affairs. If even the portal cannot resolve the problems it forwards to the Departments/Regulators concerned for further necessary action.

Among these 4519 complaints 2106 complaints have been resolved, 947 complaints have been rejected and the rest have been referred to the Ministries/Departments/regulators concerned for necessary action.

Further, in so far as advertisements appearing in private satellite TV channels are concerned, all advertisements telecast on such channels are regulated in accordance with the Advertising Code available on the website of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.