Russia, Iran react to US Sanction with stronger cooperation; Russian deputy PM set to visit Iran
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Aug-2017

Moscow, August 5: It was expected that Russia would take some tough steps to face US Sanction. The new US Sanction also included Iran and North Korea. Hence two countries now have agreed to strengthen the military, technical and technological cooperation. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin is scheduled to discuss arms supply with Iranian Defense Minister. The Russian leader is set to visit Tehran.

As Russian local media sources reported, the countries tentatively already agreed on the military cooperation. The parties want to increase military and technical and technological cooperation. There are possibilities of the new deal sign. For training of Iranian specialists in Russia, the Deputy Prime Minister is expected to meet with Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari.

Russian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is also scared of EU Economic interests. "The main goal of the sanctions is to turn Russian and European companies against each other and to deprive Europe of a choice in the energy sector and to force it to import US gas. This gas is more expensive than the Russian one but it is also more difficult to be extracted. In order to use the US gas it is necessary to construct big gas liquefaction plants in the United States, deliver gas to Europe and then utilize it in power grids," President of the Russian-Italian Chamber of Commerce Rosario Alessandrello told Sputnik.