History Restructured: Sidelining Mughals Maha Education focuses on ‘Maratha Empire and Warrior King Shivaji’ in textbooks
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Aug-2017

Mumbai, August 8: The Maharashtra State Education Board claimed that students should know the role of Maharashtra more clearly in the history of Independence India and highlight the importance of Maratha warriors, history textbooks have been restructured thereby focusing more on Maratha empire and warrior king Shivaji. Also, the history of Mughals and Western countries has been revised and made into one chapter.


"There is a restructuring of the history text book this year which is why there is an emphasis on the history of Marathas. The syllabus is approved by a panel of subject experts and there is no question of politics here” said a senior official from the state education department.

"The Mughals are introduced as part of the Maratha history in keeping with the theme of the text book” official added. “The point of reference for Class VII is the Maratha Empire, Maharashtra and India before and after Chhatrapati Shivaji. In Class IX, the point of reference is events impacting Indian political scenario,” said Sadanand More, Head of the History Subject Committee.

What will be the revised textbook focusing on? Not only this, in the class IX textbook, the Bofors scam and the Emergency of 1975-1977 have replaced the history of 'rupaya', which was introduced by the Afghan invaders.

The revised textbook has Shivaji as the focal point of medieval Indian history. His role and those of his family and the Maratha generals have been expanded. The revised textbook has elaborated chapters on the 27-year-old struggle of the Marathas against Aurangzeb. While the old textbook titled the chapter on Shivaji as ‘People’s King’, the revised textbook has renamed it ‘An Ideal Ruler’. While the old textbook had just a mention of the Sant movement and the Warkaris, an elaborate sub-topic on the same has been added to the revised textbook.