Russia reflects a balanced attitude in post sanction period
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Aug-2017

Moscow, August 8: Russia has responded to US’s anti-Russian threat mainly in diplomatic ways. Though Russia has talked about mirror image, Russia also added it would not fall into any trap of provocation. Alexis Rodzianko, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Russian Federation has said it is not possible to expel Russia from the energy market of Europe is impossible. At the same time, Russia is ready for the US to pull out from the treaty on the elimination of small and medium-range missiles.


"This idea was not new at all, there was such an idea back during the 1970s too. It did not work out back then, and I believe it will not work out this time either," Rodzianko told. On the other hand, Russia does not want to get involved in any kind of arms race with the US. It shows how Russia is trying to balance the reaction against US Sanction.

It is expected that US may pull out from INF Treaty but Russia will not respond in the same way. Russia wants to prove that it has potential to resist any provocation.

In the post-sanction period, the work of American entrepreneurs in Russia has not been affected. As this not the first time, USA has introduced certain forms of legalized sanctions against Russia.