Secret no-confidence vote to decide South African President Zuma’s fate
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Aug-2017

Cape Town, August 8: The fate of South African President Jacob Zuma will be decided today by a secret no-confidence motion. Alleged of several corruption charges, the SA President has spurred the anger of politicians, citizens against him due to increasing unemployment in the nation. The speaker of SA Parliament voting on the motion of no confidence in the president will be by secret ballot. Zuma has faced a no-confidence motion in past also but this game is really tough one due to its secrecy.

The leaders of African National Congress (ANC) are also critical of their leader. The leaders have a golden chance this time to cast vote against Zuma. Though in public, ANC did usually not accept such possibility. Even after a secret ballot, Zuma will remain SA President the ANC Youth League said on Monday. They don’t want the collapse of the government.

If the no-confidence motion succeeds Zuma and his entire cabinet would have to step down. Recession, unemployment, downgrading economy has prompted such situation. The main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party said the vote was "an opportunity for us all to stand up to corruption and get rid of President Zuma and his cabinet".

The share market of SA has shown remarkable progress even at the prediction of Zuma’s removal. The rand strengthened against the dollar, bond yields fell and banking shares advanced after the announcement.