Post-Kenyan election incidents go bloody due to “fraud election” claim by opposition
Source :NewsBharati   Date :09-Aug-2017

Nairobi, August 9: On Tuesday, Kenyan citizens heeded to cast their vote in the Presidential election. As per latest local media report, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta maintained his strong lead. The latest report showed Kenyatta was leading with nearly 1.4 million votes. Opposition leader Raila Odinga rejected the indication and claimed of manipulation in results.

Regarding such claim, Kenyatta said, “In the event that they lose, let us accept the will of the people. I am willing myself to accept the will of the people, so let them too.” Opposition leader termed the election “massive fraud” and demanded hackers broke into election commission computer systems overnight.

The claim true or false prompted tension in control a group of protestors of opposition leader, Police had to fire tear gas and shot at the group. Even one person was killed in the incident.

The election commission was also somehow criticized for publishing the early result. But it defended its action by saying "We believe that by displaying results, we have been doing well to enhance transparency and accountability in the electoral process, consistent with the commitment the commission has made to the Kenya people."