India is committed to successful implementation of Paris agreement: Dr. Harsh Vardhan
Source :NewsBharati   Date :01-Sep-2017

New Delhi, September 1: India, the nation which is on an irreversible path to a net zero carbon economy will never disappoint the world on environmental issues. Addressing the delegates in Business-Climate Summit 2017, Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan said I that India is developing a blueprint for implementing its Nationally Determined Contributions. He also mentioned India’s strong commitment towards Paris agreement.

The Business & Climate Summit is the leading annual forum for businesses, investors, and policymakers on climate action. It is where business and governments come together to agree on a roadmap for reaching net zero emissions over the next half century. It demonstrates how low carbon strategies are good for business and good for growth – and builds the partnerships needed to scale up and accelerate the low carbon transition.

As India is a party to the Paris Agreement, it is committed towards its successful implementation. Environment Minister said one of the key features of Paris Agreement is Nationally Determined Contributions, and India submitted its NDCs in 2015. “It (NDCs) include eight goals, three of which are quantitative, including reducing the emissions intensity of our GDP by 33% to 35% by 2030 from 2005 level,” he said.

The 3 goals among 8 are quantitative, including reducing the emissions intensity of our GDP by 33 to 35 per cent by 2030 from 2005 level. The other five goals are related to healthy and sustainable lifestyle, climate friendly and clean path to economic development, building capacities on climate technology and mobilize domestic and new additional funds.