Odisha’s surplus agricultural production will pave new opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment: World Bank
Source :NewsBharati   Date :01-Sep-2017

Bhubaneswar, September 1: Odisha government should transform its bumper agricultural production base into entrepreneurship by setting up more incubation centres and food processing clusters, suggested Parmesh Saha, World Bank’s global head for Rural Livelihoods and Agricultural Jobs. 

Also collaborating Odisha government and World Bank will also help promote the development of the food industry. While addressing the Odisha Knowledge Hub Lecturer Series, Parmesh Saha said that “Because of a series of promotional interventions during last years, the state has been able to build all pre-conditions required for growth and job creation in the agricultural sector. Now the state has become a land of bumper production.”


Further, he maintained that globally around 21% of jobs are created the by the food processing and agro-processing sectors. He cited the examples of South Asian countries, Europe, France, Thailand, and Holland, where more jobs were created by transforming the bumper production to agricultural entrepreneurship in agro-processing and food production.

“Growth of small and medium enterprises in agricultural sectors requires prior growth of multiple micro-entrepreneurs. These micro-entrepreneurs along with the small and medium enterprises can generate a large number of job opportunities,” Saha said.

He emphasized that no country could create more jobs without promoting and transforming its agricultural base. “Now that Odisha set a high production base, it could take off in the creation of more jobs.”

As per the suggestions made by the Secretaries and District Collectors, who participated in the talk, it was decided that the World Bank team would work with Odisha government in the transformation of producer groups to entrepreneurs.