After 6th nuclear testing of N. Korea, EU Foreign Ministers agree to step up economic sanctions on the country
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Sep-2017
Brussels, September 10: North Korea being a communist country since decades has created a menace in the whole world. With the series of nuclear tests targeting its enemies, the country celebrates after a successful test posing a threat to neighbouring countries and its biggest enemy, U.S. To which, the EU Foreign Ministers have agreed to consider additional sanctions against North Korea which recently conducted its 6th nuclear test. Foreign Ministers of 28 member countries of the European Union ended an unofficial 2-day meeting yesterday in Estonia's capital, Tallinn. 

After its 6th nuclear testing, they agreed they cannot tolerate North Korea failing to fulfill its international obligation and threats to international security. EU senior representative Federica Mogherini, who's in charge of foreign policy and security issues, said the EU will increase economic pressure, and will aim to eventually make the Korean Peninsula fully nuclear-free. 
Ahead of the meeting, Mogherini has also announced her proposals for a new United Nations Security Council resolution with tougher economic sanctions as well as additional autonomous sanctions by EU nations on North Korea. Economic and diplomatic pressure, paired with a path for "credible, meaningful" dialogue, can make a difference, but "alternatives are extremely dangerous," she was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the Delegation of the EU to South Korea.
The EU meeting came as the UNSC is discussing the adoption of a new punitive resolution in the wake of North Korea's 6th and reportedly most powerful nuclear test Sunday.