Again another hospital in Kolkata vandalised by patient party
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Sep-2017

Kolkata, September 10: Adding another example to the list of assault on the doctor, Joka ESI hospital in Kolkata again witnessed the same incident. In Kolkata assault on doctors has become a trend worsening the trustful doctor-patient relation. Doctor’s Association has been vocal about this trend since long days but nothing changed. On Sunday, a patient named Bibek Sarkar was admitted to the hospital but died in a short period.

The hospital is indicating the patient’s family as the agitator. The family claimed the hospital denied taking admission of the patient since two-days. The teenage boy was vomiting and was suffering from high fever. Still, the hospital returned him as the family claimed. Emergency department ignored the patient, the patient party said.

After the patient died, the family started a hullaballoo in the hospital compound. They ruined everything in ICU and broke down Oxygen Cylinder, glass door, AC, saline. The ruckus created by them created an atmosphere of fear in the campus.

The question arises if even doctors were not enough responsible how can the patient parties always take law in their hand. Doctors who save the lives of us, they are not safe across the state. On Saturday morning also, the same incident happened in MR Bangur hospital.