Take a note! If SIM cards not linked to Aadhaar before February 2018, unlinked phones will be deactivated
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Sep-2017
New Delhi, 10 September: Earlier, the Centre stated to link Aadhaar number with your bank account to reduce the chances of your blocking the respective bank accounts. And recently, the government is moving ahead with linking Aadhaar with mobile SIM cards until February 2018. If not done so according to the rules, all the unlinked phones will be deactivated after the said date. 
Aadhaar mobile linkage is being done as per the orders of Supreme Court passed in February this year in Lokniti foundation case. All SIM cards have to be verified with Aadhaar within a year from the date of judgement so that criminals, fraudsters and terrorists cannot use the issued SIMs. 
Biometrics could be used and stored by the mobile operators nor it can provide any personal data of the person. Also, biometrics storage by a service provider is a criminal offence punishable with upto 3 years of imprisonment under the Aadhaar Act 2016. So, the option had to be eliminated. However, the Central government had told the Supreme Court in February that it would put in place, within a year, an effective mechanism for the verification of pre-paid mobile users who constitute 90% of the total subscribers. 
Meanwhile, the Court has dismissed the Lokniti Foundation seeking the scrutiny of the subscribers who possess pre-paid connections or fake identities are weeded out. It has asked the government to fast track the rules and enable the verification “as soon as possible” for the existing pre-paid mobile connection holders. 
About Lokniti Foundation:
Lokniti Foundation was founded in the year of 1997 as a research programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Sciences (CSDS). Its functions are to monitor on a regular basis the workings of the Indian democracy with special attention to the participation of marginalized people. It develops a comparative understanding od democratic polities in different historical and cultural settings. Also, Lokniti trains the new generation of scholars and public intellectuals who can intervene in the discourse on democracy.