British Parliament pass the EU Repeal Bill, which will end the EU supremacy in UK; Labour retaliate while Conservatives rejoice
Source :NewsBharati   Date :12-Sep-2017
London, September 12: Just a day after the biggest anti-Brexit march in the heart of London, the British Parliament passes the Brexit repeal bill by 326 to 290 votes. The Bill will further end the supremacy of EU law in the UK. Prime Minister Theresa May hailed the Parliamentary win as "historic" and said it allowed negotiations to move on with "solid foundations".

Previously referred to as the Great Repeal Bill, the EU Withdrawal Bill overturns the 1972 European Communities Act which took the UK into the then European Economic Community. It will also convert all existing EU laws into UK law, to ensure there are no gaps in legislation on Brexit day. 
Critics' concerns centered on ministers who possess the power to make changes to laws during this process without consulting MPs. The government said it needs to be able to make minor technical changes to ensure a smooth transition, but concerns were raised that ministers were getting sweeping powers to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny. 
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had earlier ordered MPs to vote against the legislation, which had been branded a “power grab” by ministers. However senior backbenchers warned that opposing it would be seen by many constituents, particularly those who voted Leave, as Labour seeking to torpedo Brexit.