A new taxi discover app coming up in Kolkata for easy access to yellow taxis
Source :NewsBharati   Date :13-Sep-2017

Kolkata, September 13: Getting a normal yellow taxi when someone is in hurry is almost impossible in many major cities of India. Kolkata which is not an exception to this trait is coming up with an app to solve the problem. Like Ola, Uber the app “Jatrik” will help to get yellow or blue-white cabs in the roads of Kolkata. Local cab drivers have been complaining for a long time that their business is not going well due to Ola or Uber. This app may help to revive their business also.

The distinct feature of this app is that the cab drivers don’t need a smartphone to access this. Instead of a smartphone, a new device will work. The drivers just need to have a normal mobile. This app will help passengers to trace available cabs. For the trial run, the app is being installed in 300 cabs.

The passenger has to write the route of his or her journey. The cabs registered to the app will get the notification. If among 10 apps 9 don’t want to go, the one which wants to go can take the passenger. This process will slightly relief the no refusal problem.

Another important feature of the app is SOS system. The user can keep three emergency contacts in the app. So in any emergency the message will be soon delivered. Ola or Uber does not have this.

Transport department has nodded to the initiative from Bengal Chamber of Commerce. The generator of the app is a start-up company Techlet Info. Bandhan Bank has helped them.