Colors of happiness cast over Nigeria’s Chibok girls due to reunion with family after a long period
Source :NewsBharati   Date :15-Sep-2017

Abuja, September 15: A vast part of Africa including Nigeria suffers from Islamic terror. 100 Chibok girls who were a major victim of Boko Haram terrorists in the country finally have been reunited with their families after eight months of rehabilitation in Abuja. The heavenly feeling of returning to home blessed the girls finally. Most of the girls were released in May.

After getting released from the captive they have spent months undergoing rehabilitation therapy. Controversial prisoner swap deals with the Nigerian government lead the girls to home. As they had s traumatic experience for a long time, in government custody they went through psycho-social therapy. Now the government has said these girls are "fully rehabilitated".

The girls were so traumatized at the beginning they could not believe they are free. Now they are very anxious to go to school.

"They are going to be in one of the best schools, the American University of Nigeria, where they will start a special foundation program like a pre-degree,” the country’s Women Affairs Minister Aisha Alhassan.

Many of the kidnapped Chiboc girls were Christians. The kidnappers constantly encouraged them to change their religion and convert to Muslim. Even during their time in captivity, they were forced to marry the kidnappers.