New Telecom Policy and Internet of Things will generate 10-15 mn jobs in India: Govt
Source :NewsBharati   Date :15-Sep-2017

Bengaluru, September 14: The Internet of Things will generate 10-15 million jobs in India within the next few years, said Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary in the Department of Telecommunications while speaking at the 2nd edition of IoT India Congress 2017, organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) India. 

“One of the reasons that IoT is particularly exciting for India is due to the job creation. It is estimated that about 10-15 million jobs will be created through IoT,” said Aruna Sundararajan. “A bulk of these jobs will be created not by large companies but by startups,” she said. “The new telecom policy will address the need to create an ecosystem of devices and support systems,” Sundararajan added.


While on the contrary, according to research and consultancy firm Zinnov’s study in 2016, IoT is likely to lead to 94,000 job losses in the country by 2021, and a total of 120,000 jobs could be affected. “IoT represents a paradigm that can overcome the deficits that India has been facing in terms of agriculture, healthcare, transportation, garbage disposal in our cities etc.,” Sundararajan said.

According to the industry experts, about 65% of startups in India are working on different aspects of IoT. “There will be a regulatory framework set by the government which will outline how security will be dealt by the startups working on IoT,” she said. She added that India is becoming one of the world leaders in the IoT field. With a vision to be a leader with regard to IoT, the government is working on security and data protection. Both security and data protection are going to be two of the most important areas on which government is working on right now.