Japan PM Abe calls for immediate “utmost pressure” on the North Korea
Source :NewsBharati   Date :18-Sep-2017

Tokyo, September 18: Japan is under a grave threat due to North Korean missile launch. Within a period of a fortnight, North Korea fired two missiles over Japan. Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wrote an opinion piece in one Amercian daily titled as “Solidarity against the North Korean Threat”. Abe called for increased pressure and international solidarity against the country.

Even after getting slapped by fresh sanctions from UNSC, North Korea came up with another nuclear test. Mentioning that Abe told how North Korea has consistently ignored previous resolutions. He says the international community must stay united and enforce the sanctions.

Whereas initially, countries insisted on dialogue with North Korea, Abe against the backdrop of current situation thinks “prioritizing diplomacy and emphasizing the importance of dialogue will not work with North Korea.” He emphasized on concerted pressure by the international community.

“Considering this history and its continuing missile launches and nuclear tests, more dialogue with North Korea would be a dead end. Pyongyang would see more talks as proof that other countries succumbed to the success of its missile launches and nuclear tests. Now is the time to exert the utmost pressure on the North. There should be no more delays,” Abe says in the opinion piece.