Anti-Pakistan voices raised massively in front of White House, UNHRC
Source :NewsBharati   Date :18-Sep-2017

Washington/ Geneva, September 18: Human Rights violation, Terrorism, illegal killings and suppression of voices of people is very common in Pakistan. Islam says never to kill or give pain to innocents but Pakistan who wants to be named as biggest Islamic country does it all. So the eruption of anti-Pakistan voices is common too, but still, the international community is sleeping.


World Baloch Organisation on Monday morning organised a massive protest in front of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva to raise awareness for human rights violations in Balochistan. On the other side, World Muhajir Congress held a rally against terrorism and human rights abuses by Pakistan in Karachi and Balochistan, in front of White House.

World Baloch Organisation which consists of human rights activists, Baloch representatives and allies of the Baloch cause came together massively and protested against Pakistan’s apathy and human rights violations due to CPEC project. The protestors raised their voice in front of UNHRC saying Pakistan is killing, abducting Baloch peoples to implement CPEC project forcefully.

Shahjan Baloch who is a Baloch human rights activist said "Our aim is to raise voice against human right violation in Pakistan, our aim is to raise voice against military operation in Balochistan and there is a CPEC project which is against the will of Baloch people, so that's why we are protesting here to highlight human right violation in Balochistan."

Shahjan also highlighted Pakistan’s apathy towards Baloch by saying that Islamabad arrests our people from Balochistan and does not gives access to judiciary as they not being produced in the court as per the law and being killed. Hitting out at media, Shahjan said the reality in Balochistan is different than what is being portrayed as indigenous communities in the region have no access to clean drinking water.

Meanwhile, members of the World Muhajir Congress also organised a protest in front of the White House against Pakistan for harbouring terrorism. The rally which was attended by the members of World Muhajir Congress, Balochs, Afghans and Indians also came in full support with US President Donald Trump's new South Asia policy.

The protestors held banners and placards highlighting Pakistan's role in promoting terrorism and demanded that the Trump administration declare Pakistan a "state sponsoring terrorism". The protestors raised their voice against 9/11 terror attack and condemned the killing of innocents. World Muhajir Congress also condemned terrorist attacks on India, Afghanistan, US etc.

Earlier, on 16th September of this year, the members of Baloch Republican Party organised a rally in Leipzig, Germany highlighted abductions of Baloch women and children by the hands of brutal Pakistan force in Balochistan.

However, in recent times, amongst four provinces of Pakistan, Balochistan and Sindh is demanding for its independence due to Islamabad’s worst rule and apathy towards the people of this regions. Pakistan occupied Kashmir staged many protests against Pakistan and China.