Disgusted with mundane life? Know the Japanese philosophy “ikigai” to wake up each morning happily
Source :NewsBharati   Date :18-Sep-2017

Mumbai, September 18: Every morning when alarm tone rings we feel like why we can’t get more sleep. Starting of a new day should make us happy, energetic but being bored of mundane life we just feel tired. But do you know “Ikigai” can help you here? The Japanese word without any direct English translation is basically a Japanese philosophy that embodies the idea of happiness in living. This is the sole reason to get up in morning.

The long happy life of Japanese is known to everyone and some of them regard Ikigai as the source of their happiness. The word composed from iki means life and gai mean worth. Hence the word means value in living. It is not the state of happiness but teaches you even if you are going through a miserable state the brighter side is waiting as there is a certain direction of life.

The idea relates to two other concepts in Japanese - ittaikan and jiko jitsugen. Itaikkan refers to “a sense of oneness with, or commitment to, a group or role”, while jiko jitsugen relates more to self-realization. But rather than regarding it as a larger than life fact if someone takes it as a truth of daily life. Whatever may happen, Ikigai will help to live life for something.

Westerners have molded this East Asian concept according to their own view.

The western approach says you have to start with four questions to achieve ikigai:
What do you love?
What are you good at?
What does the world need from you?
What can you get paid for?
A balanced answer of four questions will help you to achieve ikigai. But in case of Japanese people, their Ikigai often does not involve work or income.

The origin island of Ikigai is Okinawa. This Japanese island has the largest population of centenarians in the world. Residents over there think ikigai is the secret of their long happy life.

Ikigai can be so inherited in everyday life that nothing could divert the loyalty towards ikigai. Hence the quest of living will keep you going through all darkness of life.