Iran warns Israel of destroying Tel Aviv in a minute if leaders make any mistakes
Source :NewsBharati   Date :19-Sep-2017

Tehran, September 19: Amid controversies with the United States over nuclear deal row, Iran on Monday warned Israel to destroy its commercial capital Tel Aviv in a minute if Israeli leaders make any mistakes. Importantly, the warning from Iran came just a day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to meet US president Donald Trump and deliver a speech in U.N. General Assembly.


Iran's army chief Seyyed Abdolrahim Mousavi issued a statement which warned the Jewish country Israel to destroy its commercial capital Tel Aviv in a minute. Mousavi warned that Israel would likely not exist in 25 years if it remains on its current geopolitical path. He also warned Israel and Gulf Arab states of lobbying the international community to contain Iran's expanding sphere of influence with increasing urgency.

Mousavi said, "We today, with the help of the great Lord, full of self-confidence and power, are ready to defend the ideals and values of the Islamic Revolution everywhere and at any level." “We will destroy the Zionist entity at lightning speed, and thus shorten the 25 years it still has left," he added. "I warn the Israel not to make any stupid move against Iran," he threatened, "Every stupid act will turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust."

Mousavi while talking about an Israeli official who had allegedly made "irresponsible declarations" concerning Iran's presence in the conflict-addled Syria said, "The world will not forget the crimes by this arrogant Zionist offical.” “The official should bow his head down and calculate how much longer he has to live. Every mistake made by Israel will make it last less than the 25 years it has left, and Iran will destroy this entity with lightning speed," Mousavi added.

Interestingly, Iran and Israel are staunch rivals due to religious rivalries. Among the mostly majority-Sunni Gulf countries, enmity toward majority-Shiite Iran has, in some ways, recently outweighed the traditional opposition to majority-Jewish Israel. Last year, Saudi Arabia and regional allies cut ties with Iran completely. In June, Riyadh led a multinational boycott of Qatar partially due to its alleged relations with Iran.