To boost cotton industry, Maharashtra soon to set up nine textile parks
Source :NewsBharati   Date :19-Sep-2017

Mumbai, September 19: Talking about Maharashtra’s economy and infrastructure in 5th Progressive Maharashtra Summit, Chief Minister Devendra Fdanavis said that nine textile parks soon will be set up to back farmers’ income. “Maharashtra is number one state in infrastructure projects and 50% of the total FDI in India comes to Maharashtra alone,” said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis while speaking at 5th Progressive Maharashtra 2017 Conference. 

Highlighting how the Maharashtra has emerged to be one of the influencing states of nation CM Fadnavis took the stage and addressed the people present. "There is ample cotton growing in northern Maharashtra and there is no value addition. We are planning to set up nine textile parks there," said Subhash Rajaram Desai, Industries Minister of Maharashtra.

Citing the example of the textile park at Amravati, which has over 30 units operational, he added "This is helping many small and medium industries to flourish. In a similar way we can support farming and industry."

He explained that value addition from producing fibre to fabric to fashion will help farmers get a good price for cotton.

Referring to the Rs 34,000-crore loan waiver for farmers announced by Maharashtra, he said "We gave loan waiver in 2008, and the necessity was felt again in 2017. This is not the final answer. The solution is to make farming more viable and sustainable. Farming is lacking technology and food processing not implemented to desired level. The government is working on a new policy in food processing," he added.

5th Progressive Maharashtra 2017 Conference was organised by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry FICCI. While speaking at the conference CM Devendra Fadnavis said that “the theme for this year's Progressive Maharashtra is 'Maharashtra 2025: Leapfrogging to a $ 1 trillion economy. Maharashtra has immense potential in IT, skilled manpower, and good connectivity and industry-friendly policies.” Appealing investors to invest, CM Fadnavis said that we've moved ahead with a lot of initiatives in ease of doing business; even the World Bank appreciated it. We're heading towards becoming the No1 state. Talking about the infrastructural projects, economy Maharashtra has now reached the higher level where the world looks out as the example as ‘one of the successful’ in India, CM Fadnavis said.