Countries from Africa reflect same tone in UNGA emphasizing the urgent need for action to counter Climate change
Source :NewsBharati   Date :22-Sep-2017

New York, September 22: In an era when we are getting gradually distant from our mother nature, a huge part of Africa still now stays very close to nature. Hence the effects of climate change, global warming is more noticeable to them. This fact may work as the reason that African leaders in United Nations General Assembly in the same tone called for urgent measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Mauritius the famous African Country ardently emphasized on the successful implementation of 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “With the increasing number and intensity of climate-related disasters – storms, droughts, flash floods, to name but a few – it would be naive on our part to dismiss the climate change,” Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth said.

Another African country Guinea-Bissau which is famous for its vivid natural beauty and wildlife has also raised voice for the same issue. The Prime Minister Umaro Sissoko Embaló said the threats of climate change were of “a planetary scale with prospects of frightening, and not unlikely, consequences.”

Togo another very little known country also highlighted the importance of Paris accord. “The challenges facing our world have a real impact on development of Africa,” Prime Minister of the country said. “And one of the imperatives, in order to confront it effectively, remains the continent’s economic transformation.

Recently the world has observed various floods, earthquakes, hurricanes devastating lives of several people. Scientists have often linked all the natural disasters to climate change. Many other countries from Africa emphasized on an inclusive approach to stepping up implementation of the Paris Agreement on limiting global warming greenhouse emissions.