EU warns Britain to “settle accounts” and fasten up smooth Brexit process
Source :NewsBharati   Date :22-Sep-2017
London, September 22: The Brexit negotiations will be the main debate happening until 2019 when it really happens. EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has issued a fresh warning that Britain must “settle the accounts” and speed up the pace of negotiations if it wants a free trade deal when it leaves the bloc. 
Michel Barnier (EU negotiator) said there was still major uncertainty on the key issues by the UK and that’s why it’s still taking time. He said, “The question facing us over the coming months is serious, but simple: will the United Kingdom leave in an orderly fashion with an agreement or not? We want a good deal to happen with common interest in mind.” 
 He said the three key issues that had still not been resolved were the financial settlement, the rights of EU citizens and the Irish border. Barnier warned that May would have to make a substantive offer on citizens’ rights and the financial settlement to break the deadlock.
British Prime Minister Theresa May will deliver her official speech on Friday in Florence, Italy. May is expected to tread a careful line of compromise between the two positions. May has rejected both possible templates, saying the UK wants to forge its own bespoke relationship with the EU.