German police arrests three IS militants who were trying to convert people into ‘terrorist’
Source :NewsBharati   Date :22-Sep-2017
Berlin, September 22: IS terrorists have been a menace for most of the European countries, especially France and Britain. However, Germany faces the same threat too. In fact, 3 men were arrested on suspicion of terrorist activities in a series of counterterrorism operations in Germany. 
Two of them are Iraqi nationals, named Abbas.R (19) and Raad Riyadh (31) were accused of war crime and membership in IS. They were allegedly involved in two murder cases of Iraqi women in 2014. There full names are yet unknown as the German prosecutor wants to maintain privacy. They entered Germany in 2015 and are suspected to attempt in turning two other Iraqis into IS terrorist. According to the prosecutor of the case, the two of them were also trying to convince a Iraqi national to attempt a suicide attack. Both of them were nabbed in Berlin on Monday. 
One more arrested is a 24-year-old Syrian national identified as Majed. He was arrested on the basis of allegedly being a member of the Syrian terrorist organization, Islamic State. Furthermore, he has been accused of  weapons violations. In 2013, he joined a militia affiliated with the Nusra Front group in Syria to fight aginst the Assad regime. He ended up in IS in 2014 and fought against the Kurdish forces in Northern Syria before entering in Germany in August, 2015.
These three will however spend the rest of their lives in jail. The police, at the moment is trying to take out valuable information from the arrested ones, which might help in nabbing the other terrorists in the country as well. A lot of secretive information could get in hand for German police.