Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have liberated 87.4% Syrian territory from ISIS
Source :NewsBharati   Date :22-Sep-2017

Moscow, September 22: Russia has been playing an important role in Syria since 2015. Russia supports Syrian military to remove the rebels from the country. Russia’s military said Syrian armed forces supported by the Russian Air Force have regained control of 87.4 percent of the country. It also added that Russian warplanes had destroyed over 96,000 terrorist targets in the course of the two-year campaign.

Russia has been criticized by the US for its “overactivity” in Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the deployment of the Russian jets and helicopters to Syria in 2015. Since then they have conducted more than 30,000 sorties, annihilating more than 96,000 targets, as per Russian Defense Ministry’s official statement.

It is believed that oil infrastructures seized by IS in Syria are the main source of income for the terrorists. Hence Russia continuously kept attacking oil fields and oil planes. Russian warplanes have inflicted serious damage to those oil infrastructures. The Air Force of Russia destroyed a total of 212 oil fields and 184 oil plants and refineries.

Russia also giving tough flight to US-backed rebel group the Syrian Democratic Forces which is the main reason of Russia-US conflict. “Fire from positions in regions [controlled by the SDF] will be suppressed by all means necessary,” Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov said.