Islamabad is more popular and visited than Ibiza, among UK air travelers
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 24-Sep-2017
London, September 24: One of the party capitals in the world is Ibiza. Situated in the mesmerizing archipelago of Spain, Ibiza is known for the lively nightlife. But it seems like that the tastes of tourists have changed. Yes, according to new figures, Islamabad is one of a host of surprising destinations to be high on British travellers’ agendas leaving behind Madrid, Ibiza and Berlin. 

In figures revealed by Skyscranner, London is placed on the 6th rank. However, Islamabad sits on the 14th position ahead of Milan and Lisbon. This is likely because the UK has the second largest expat Pakistani community in the world, behind only Saudi Arabia, of more than a million people. 
The cheapest destination on the list is Berlin which is shocking. Also, Laos in Nigeria has more flight bookings than Munich, Las Vegas and Budapest. The Foreign Office says around 170,000 British nationals visit Nigeria each year, and there are some 216,000 Nigerians living in the UK. 
Islamabad is however elegant and possesses remnants of the Mughal empire everwhere in the city. Pristine white museums and motif designed galleries speak more than a thousand words. The place is impressive and is highly recommended for people who adore art and culture. No wonder the Britons love Islamabad!