Bali braces for eruption of Mount Agung; 'Stay Away' India issues Travel advisory
Source :NewsBharati   Date :24-Sep-2017
Bali, September 24: Thousands of locals have been evacuated from the villages near Bali due to the imminent eruption of Mount Agung volcano. The Indian Embassy in Indonesia has issued a travel advisory for the Indian tourists visiting Bali.The Travel advisory appeals Indian tourists to 'keep abreast' with the latest situation through their tour operators before finalising plans. Those who are already travelling nearby Bali region, are advised to avoid travel north and east Bali.

Indian consulate in Bali has released emergency contact number.
The emergency contact numbers are : +62 811 3976 388 or +62 811 3867 270 or tweet at @cgibali .
Mount Agung is Bali’s biggest mountain and volcanic activities have been seen around. Local authorities have declared that the level of eruptions has increased from III to IV which is the highest level in Indonesia. More than 34,000 people have fled from Bali due to the magnitude of tremors grows, it could erupt again after more than 50 years.
<="">The volcano’s level is increasing since August which is located about 75 kilometres from Kuta which is a tourist hub. According to Jakarta Post, The Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation said tremors happened less frequently on Sunday but were stronger than in previous days.
It was also noted the frequent occurrence of large tectonic earthquakes around Mount #Agung. Reaching up to 3.5 RS in magnitude.
The US Embassy in Jakarta has announced that Mount Agung in Bali at highest alert level 4 which suggests eruption possible within 24 hours.
An area of 9km-12km around Mount Agung is now being evacuated. Sports arenas, public halls, schools, and camps are filling with thousands of people in Klungkung and Karangasem. Governor of Bali Island has declared a province-wide natural disaster even before the eruption of the Mt Agung volcano, as thousands seek shelter away from the mountain.
Evacuation centers facing the problems of water shortage due to which the people are fleeing away. The authorities are unable to provide enough clean water and amenities for thousands of evacuees from villages close to the Mount Agung volcano.
From a report on the imminent eruption of Mount Agung in Bali Locals reported monkeys and snakes fleeing the mountain. But still many of the villagers left their cattle in their village while evacuation.
The Mount Agung’s last eruption occurred 54 years ago, on 7th March 1963 until February 1964. The eruption took nearly 1500 lives, claiming the lives of 820 people. If Bali's airport will be closed, then the authorities will use Lombok or Surabaya, in case of ash from volcano stops flights.