Iraq hanged 42 militants in one day
Source :NewsBharati   Date :26-Sep-2017

Baghdad, September 26: Forty-two Sunni Muslims were hanged by the Baghdad authorities on Monday for killing people, the security forces and car bombings on the civilians. This is the biggest mass execution of this year.


Following the attacks of Sunni Militants killing 60 people near the southern city of Nassiriya, area belongs to Shia Muslims on 14th September. The people demanded the hardest action of the judiciary towards the culprits.

Just three months ago the 14 other militants were hanged for terrorist activities. Islamic State (IS) took the responsibility of three suicide attacks at various points. Reacting to the IS claims, Judiciary system on Sunday ordered to hang the 42 militants at the prison in Nassiriya.

The justice ministry invited the relatives of the victims witnessed the execution took place on Sunday. One of the family members of the victims says that I lost my two brothers in the suicide attacks it was too painful for me to see the dead bodies of the family members. But I felt relief with the decision of execution and seeing the culprits hanging.

In July, Mosul the capital of IS was captured by the Iraqi forces with the help of United States. But still, the attacks show the underground presence of the IS militants.