Launching ‘Vision-2025’, Karnataka Govt commits to bring development in state through ‘opinion of people’
Source :NewsBharati   Date :26-Sep-2017

Bengaluru, September 26: Looking forward to development in next seven years, Karnataka government launched ‘Vision-2025’ project. This project aims to bring out the development through the opinion of the public within seven years. Under the project, the government would seek public opinion on how they want their dream state to be in the next seven years, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said. 

Officials will collect the required information after discussing with public representatives and the general public. They will then bring out a draft vision policy for the year 2025.

Launching the website '', the Chief Minister said, "This vision document will help us decide the manifesto of our party. We will also incorporate portions of the vision document in our manifesto. This document will be an echo of the public voice. It will be our motto and commitment".

Executive Officer of the project, Renuka Chidambaram, and other officials will tour various parts of the southern state for three months starting from next month and speak to the masses and experts to gather public opinion to build a state of their dream, he said.

"Today I can tell you with confidence that no one goes to the bed hungry in the state as we are providing 7 kg rice to each family free of cost.

"We have started mid-day meal programme and free milk distribution programme to counter malnutrition. Despite a drought situation for six successive years, migration in the drought-prone areas were almost nil because of the measures taken by the government," the chief minister said. Siddaramaiah also told the gathering about the steps taken to improve the agriculture sector under the 'Krishi Bhagya' scheme.