Moving ahead towards development, CM Raghubar Das holds public meeting to deliver solutions to the state’s dire problems
Source :NewsBharati   Date :26-Sep-2017
Ranchi, September 26: Jharkhand is ‘that’ one state in India which is not as developed as Mumbai or Kolkata but aims higher than both of these metro cities combined. Every other day, CM Raghubar Das tries his best to come up with schemes that would benefit the people of his state. He did the same today as well. At the programme, ‘Seedhi Baat’, Das heard issues of the state and initiated few rules to be followed for peace and prosperity in coming days. 
At the public meeting, CM Das said that his government and officials have delivered quick solutions to the 83% of the public problems. Speaking on the corruption, he said, “Black marketing should not exist in the state, especially for the poor section of the class. PDS (Public Distribution System) must stay careful in delivering their services while DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) should provide as many benefits to the people of the state. “ 
Malnutrition has stood as a concrete issue for the state, engulfing hundreds of children every year. Concerned with the situation, CM Das said, “State’s health situation should be in control now. A civil surgeon meeting should be called upon in Ranchi soon.” He also further pressed on the education sector saying that the state is doing great and will become the top most literate state in India by 2022. 
Along with discussing the issues, he congratulated everyone for Navratri. And as we all know that this time Muharram and Dussehra are a day behind to each other which might cause tensions between communities. Taking a decision before a week in hand, Das asserted Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police to monitor the Durga pandals and maintain peace. He also asked everyone to keep their surroundings clean and not litter items in and around pandals. 
Coming from a family with limited means, CM Raghubar Das understands a common man’s problem entirely. While on his way by road, he inspected the Kartik Urranv chowk in Ranchi and met the cleaners himself. Immediately, he called upon the Administrative Officer of Ranchi’s Municipal Corporation to clear all their payments. He also instructed the Officers’ to come out with a payment system that enables the clearance of monthly sum to the cleaners’. 
Jharkhand is not only seriously focusing on its speedy ride towards development but also about cleanliness. Das said that 2, 17,000 toilets have been constructed till now in the state and more will be erected soon. By 2018, Jharkhand will be the cleanest state. 
Looking at the pace with which the state is moving ahead, it’s quite evident that the state is not far beyond achieving its goals. If CM Das fulfills all the common people’s problems, he’ll be the true heir to the CM seat of Jharkhand.