Wishing ‘Google’ a very Happy Birthday! 19 year old has colourful games for you to celebrate vibrantly
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 27-Sep-2017

New Delhi, September 27: When we are confused, we Google it; when we want an answer, we Google it; Looking for locations, we still Google it… Google has become our ‘invisible’ yet vital part of our lives. Wishing our ’Google’ a very Happy Birthday, on its 19th birth year today Google has very sweet and colourful surprising games for ‘Googlers’ like us. Happy Birthday, Google!


Celebrate the Google’s birthday with beautiful games and artistic doodles. What you have to do is just revisit your childhood with the fun games like Pacman, Snake game, Wheel Spinner, Magic Cat especially of Halloween etc. Go to ‘Google’ then just hit that colorful ‘Google’ and there you go on your quirky side. Hit the wheel spinner and it will stop on any pictorial graphics like heart, cat, envelopes etc. Whatever you get, it will further take you the games like many… Have your adventure on this Google’s Birthday.

While you enjoy this 19th Google Birthday with 19 Doodle games, here are some of the interesting facts about Google you must not miss:

1.Google was founded on 1998 but Google logo was not centered until 2001.
2.It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University.
3.Google made its first Google Doodle in the year 1999. There are more than 1000 doodles created by the team called doodlers in Google. They are talented illustrators who work hard to bring smiles on faces of people who visit the homepage.
4.First ever Google Doodle came live on August 30,1998
5.”BlackRub” is the nick name given by the founders to the search engine; they changed it to Google, originated by misspelling the word “googol”.
6.The name 'Google' is actually derived from the mathematical term 'googol' which is basically 1 with a 100 zeros following it.
7.99% of Google profit comes from its advertising.
8.Google make sure they look after the families of those who die while still working for them. Husbands and wives get 50% of their dead partner’s salary for a whole decade. While their kids receive money until they’re adults, too.
9.No part of a Google office is allowed to be more than 150 feet away from some kind of food.
10.As part of 'green initiative', Google rents around 200 goats every year to mow the fields and bushes in its headquarters in California. They allow goats to eat grass instead of grass cutter machines, because usage of grass cutter machine is noisy which bothers Google’s employees.
11.On August 16, 2013, Google was not reachable for 5 minutes, in that time the global Internet usage was decreased by 40%. This fact shows how important Google is today.
12.The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button that used to appear just behind the Google search box costed $ 110 million a year because it ignores all ads.
13.Do you know, every minute 2 million searches are done on the search giant Google?
14.Google’s Satellite view: By going to Google Maps, click on the satellite view and zoom out as much as you want to. The user will be able to see an amazing view of Earth with real time shadows and can also view real-time clouds if it’s zoomed in twice.
15.In October 2016, statistics showed that Google owned 90.3% of the world market share of search engines; as of July 2017, Google owns 86.8%.
16.Google leads the world in digital and mobile ad revenue. Nearly $50 billion — 67 percent of Google’s net digital ad revenue — will come from mobile in 2017, up from $38 billion in 2016.
17.Google employs more than 72,000 people.
18.There’s the skeleton of T-Rex dinosaur to remind workers that even the most powerful things can go extinct, and not to let it happen to Google.
19.Google bought YouTube in 2006 for a whopping $1.65 billion, its largest purchase ever at the time. 

So these above are the fun facts you should know. Don’t miss the fun games.