Gulf crisis being fabricated says Qatari Foreign Minister Al Thani Gulf crisis being fabricated says Qatari Foreign Minister Al Thani
Gulf crisis being fabricated says Qatari Foreign Minister Al Thani
Source :NewsBharati   Date :03-Sep-2017

City of Brussels, September 3: Gulf crisis seems to get more intensified as the verbal spat and series of allegations between Qatar and four Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt continues. Attacking the four countries over diplomatic ban, Qatar affirmed that the Gulf crisis is fabricated.


Qatar’s Foreign Minister H E Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdul rahman Al Thani on Saturday while speaking at a joint press conference held here yesterday with Foreign Minister of Belgium, Didier Reynders said that the Gulf crisis is fabricated and that it broke out on the basis of an electronic attack targeting Qatar followed by a siege of the Qatari people and is still ongoing for more than 90 days.

Minister Al Thani also underlined that “the recent developments related to the Gulf crisis have not been needed, especially in this period of time of multiple conflicts.” The Foreign Minister added that the despair of the siege countries has reached the point of buying advertising seconds in various television stations to market their ideas against Qatar.

The Minister noted that his Belgian counterpart is well aware that Qatar is participating in the global efforts to combat terrorism and is working with its partners at the international level to confront terrorism and financing of terrorist activities.

The Minister described the meeting with his Belgian counterpart as fruitful and discussed the relations between Qatar and Belgium. Al Thani said that both the leaders also discussed the latest developments of the GCC crisis and all the illegal measures taken against Qatar by the siege countries, which led to severe legal and human rights violations, in addition to the promotion of hate speech by banning any act of sympathy with the State of Qatar, attacking the country in the media, and accusing it of financing terrorism.

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and several other nations cut ties with Qatar and imposed stringent economic sanctions on it over supporting extremism. On the other side, Qatar denied all their allegations saying that they never supported Islamist militants and Shi'ite Iran. Later, Saudi and its allies issued a 13-point list of demands to end the rift on June 22 and gave Qatar 10 days to comply. However, earlier Qatar rejected to fulfill the demands.