Making all predictions true, North Korea officially announces successful Hydrogen Bomb test
Source :NewsBharati   Date :03-Sep-2017

Pyongyang, September 3: Proving the earlier predictions true, North Korea claims a successful test of a hydrogen bomb. Previously from some local news reports and two detected tremors in the country, such an act was predicted. A state run media has confirmed the reason of the tremors was the test of a nuclear device.

"We've reconfirmed our ability to control our missile and nuclear capabilities at any given time, and that we've reached a very high level of standards of such technology," the North Korean announcer read on state broadcaster, KCNA.

Finally, all the earlier claims which had been predicted by a report that wrote Kim Jong-un was inspecting a weapon and then two successive tremors detected by UGSC and China Earthquake Administration. The depth of the quake was kilometer which raised the fear of man-made quake.

According to the news report from KCNA, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered the test. The test was called “a success” and the "two-stage thermonuclear weapon" had "unprecedented" strength.

“The fact that North Korea forced through a nuclear test this time is absolutely unacceptable to our country,” Japan PM Shinzo Abe said in a statement. Though Chinese President Xi Jinping did not directly refer to North Korea he said a dark shadow is looming over the world after more than half a century of peace, after North Korea’s sixth nuclear test.