With 1.9 mn smartphone users, Hyderabad joins list of metro cities in boosting ‘e-commerce’ business
Source :NewsBharati   Date :04-Sep-2017

Hyderabad, September 4: Digital India has become a reality but today ‘internet’ has become everything; be it booking tickets, or carrying out transactions etc. Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) revealed that Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata were the only cities, where people mostly bank on e-commerce. Also nearly 1.9 million smartphone users, about 22.4% of total cellphone owners in Hyderabad, had contributed significantly to the rise of e-commerce business in the city. 

Andhra Pradesh has always been as ‘techno-front’ which shows that around 22.4% of total population contributes to the ‘e-commerce’ performers. The tech-savvy generation always hooked to smartphones and tablets have triggered a spurt in the growth of e-commerce sector in the city.

According to IAMAI, Hyderabad ranks fourth among metros. Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata were the only cities, where people recorded more business online. Most smartphone owners in the city are using online shopping applications for the purchase of household products, toys, beauty products, sports gear and even jewellery.

"Hyderabad sees a higher rate of purchases in the music and movie section. Male buyers are more into music, footwear, sports gear, while women buyers are more into fashion and beauty," said Natarajan, Chief Business Officer, Excellor.

"Redseer report had projected the e-commerce industry to grow by $80 billion in 2010. Almost 200% growth in 2015 can come back in good measures in the next three years under the influence of Digital India and GST," said Natarajan.