Kolkata raised voice for voiceless; protest held against torture on stray animals
Source :NewsBharati   Date :04-Sep-2017

Kolkata, September 4: Someone is beating a poor animal on road or children throwing stones on strays are so familiar scenes that we even don’t wonder when such incidents take place in front of our eyes. Recently in social media, many videos of cruel torture on animal went viral prompting anger among animal lovers. To protest such act of cruelty, a group of animal lovers came down to the road in the heart of Bengal capital.

On Sunday from Nandan to Rasbihari Avenue, a folk of NGOs with a bunch few actors and singers, Kolkata saw a march with the voice of humanity. The main demand of the protesters was to stop inhumane acts with the innocent animals. Killing a cat or dog by poisoning, throwing hot water on them, breaking their legs- all such cruel acts should be stopped immediately.

The initiative was first taken by an NGO called United for voiceless and later other NGOs also joined the initiative. An executive of the NGO told that they even did not get proper help from authority when they tried to prevent violence. They will write a letter to Chief Minister for more active participation from police and administration.