Putin says the closure of Russian diplomatic facilities in US was done in “boorish manner”
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Sep-2017

Moscow, September 6: The Russia-US diplomatic war seems to be an unending saga. Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted that the country may again US diplomatic staff. As the US ordered the closure of Russia’s very important consulate In San Francisco which held a great importance for Russia, something stricter was expected from Russia.

Putin said the agreed number of Russian and U.S. diplomatic staff “includes 155 people working for the United Nations.” “If we talk about full parity, then it is not 455 U.S. diplomats in Moscow, but [455] minus 155,” he told.

"That the Americans reduced the number of our diplomatic facilities - this is their right," Putin told. But he criticized the “boorish manner” of the implementation. "This is a clear violation of Russia's property rights. Therefore, for a start, I will order the Foreign Ministry to go to court - and let's see just how efficient the much-praised U.S. judiciary is." Putin added.

Though he did not make an announcement, just hinted with Russian disappointment with such a step. Putin said Russia reserves the right to take a decision on the number of U.S. diplomats in Moscow. But they want to wait before taking such decision.