Zoooop…and you reach Amravati in minutes as Andhra Pradesh gets India’s first ‘Hyperloop’
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Sep-2017

Vijayawada, September 7: Travel journeys are kind of fun but time consuming when it comes to travelling by road or railways. What will you do if you are offered to travel from Vijaywada to Amrawati which promises to reach within 5 minutes? The project ‘Hyperloop’ aims to make the travel journeys faster after a MoU was signed between Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Andhra Pradesh government. 

The ‘Hyperloop’ will take you from one Indian city to another within minutes, which Is faster than any airlines and cheaper too. This project aims to propel passengers from point A to Point B IN pods through reduced pressure steel tubes. Also this project is expected to create 2,500 jobs and develop the region with its ultra-high-speed transportation. The goal for the state in bringing in the Hyperloop is to help it establish itself and Amaravati as a technology and software hub, and to generally help improve standards of living in the area, according to a press release.  

MoU that HTT, an American research firm, has signed with the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board (APEDB), is a first of its kind in India. Bibop Gresta, Chairman & Co-founder, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies said in a statement, “We are extremely delighted to bring the HTT Hyperloop to India in partnership with Andhra Pradesh. HTT will work with local stakeholders to build the regulatory standards necessary for safe and efficient operation.”

During the first phase of the project, HTT will conduct a six-month feasibility study commencing in October. Working with partners in the public and private sector, HTT will analyze the surrounding cityscapes to create the best route between the two cities, while identifying all pertinent stakeholders in the region. After conducting the initial six-month feasibility study, the second phase of the project will construct the road.

Hyperloop: The Hyperloop is a ground transport concept proposed by Musk in 2013 to transport 'pods' of 20-to-30 people through a 12-foot diameter tube at roughly 700 mph. It is essentially a long tube that has had the air removed to create a vacuum. The tube is suspended off the ground to protect against weather and earthquakes. Elon Musk's 2013 idea became a milestone that could spark greater interest in its potential to be the future of public transport in the future.