After ‘No Fly List’ gets issued, be ready to carry your Govt ID while booking air-tickets
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Sep-2017

New Delhi, September 7: Want to book tickets for domestic flights? Better keep your government identification cards ready! Yes, once the ‘No Fly List’ gets finally issued on Friday then one will need to give the number of any of the following IDs- Aadhaar, driving license, passport or Pan number while booking a domestic ticket. 

The no-fly list rule bans people with criminal records and unruly passengers from domestic flights. A person identified as a threat by security agencies would also be included in this list.

Union Minister of State for Aviation Jayant Sinha said that the government has prepared final rules for the ‘No Fly List’ and will issue them on Friday. “We are going to issue a civil aviation requirement (CAR or rule issued by DGCA) where some identity card number will have to be provided. People giving Aadhaar numbers will soon be able to get digital boarding cards,” Sinha was quoted as saying.

The government had recommended three levels of unruly behaviour, each with a corresponding duration of flying ban of three months, six months and two years or more without limit.

The first level of the violation includes disruptive behaviour such as physical gestures, verbal harassment and unruly behaviour because of inebriation. This level of offence would carry a flying ban of three months. The second level relates to physically abusive behaviour such as pushing, hitting, grabbing, inappropriate touching or sexual harassment. Such actions could attract a six-month ban. The third category pertains to life threatening behaviours such as damage to aircraft operating system, physical violence and attempted breach of flight crew compartment. In such instances, the ban could be for two years or an indefinite period.