On an optimistic note, Putin thinks diplomacy can solve North Korea crisis as an alternative to weapon
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Sep-2017

Vladivostok, September 7: While Russian president Vladimir Putin said earlier it is impossible to scare North Korea, on a different optimistic note on Thursday he said North Korea crisis would not escalate into a large-scale conflict involving nuclear weapons. He keeps faith on the prevalence of common sense.

"I am sure that things will not go as far as a large-scale conflict, especially with the use of weapons of mass destruction," Putin told delegates at an economic forum. "All the competing sides have enough common sense and understanding of their responsibility. We can solve this problem through diplomatic mean," he added.

After North Korea’s latest missile test, the sixth one and its successful test of the hydrogen bomb, the United States, and South Korea increased bilateral exercise to show power. The nations also thought of a tougher US sanction.

Against the backdrop of this situation, Putin commented nothing can scare them. Russian and Chinese side advised a “freeze for freeze” plan which suggests along with the halt in North Korean missile activity, US-South Korea ally would stop their military activities.