India is incredible with its unity in diversity; the seven minutes in “Vaadi-e-Kashmir” will again make you proud
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Sep-2017

Mumbai, September 7: Kashmir, the paradise on earth is a beautiful natural heritage of India. In a lifetime, every Indian wants to visit Kashmir; even foreign nationals are also always attracted to Kashmir. But due to terrorism, separatist issue the queen of beauty is gradually losing its charm among travelers. Terrorism may take away the regional peace but the natural beauty with which the place is enriched that never can be taken away. Standing in such a scenario, a short film called “Vaadi-e-Kashmir” to spread the message of oneness has been released.

We know the film has an immeasurable impression on viewers. The filmmakers of “Vaadi-e- Kashmir” have properly utilized the benefit to help Indians overcome the fear underlying. Amitabh Bachchan the great actor preludes about the “Duniya Ka Jannat” (Paradise on Earth). Home minister RajathSinghh, Actor Hema Malini released the film. We have to give only seven minutes to remember the unity of India.

There is a pledge some schools teach starting with the line “all Indians are my brothers and sisters”. This film exactly tells about that great Indian brotherhood. The beautifully well-articulated film shows in starting people from different communities are standing together in a valley of Kashmir. Throughout the film, we will be reminded the beautiful diversity of India.

The beautiful scenario of Kashmir with the excellent song “Vaadi-ee Kashmir baharo se milenge” (The valley of Kashmir will meet travellers from different areas) will make every audience proud about Indian unity. In an era of separatist upsurge, the message of oneness will definitely melt anyone’s heart. In an addition, who has been to Kashmir once will time travel remembering Sonmarg, Gulmarg, boat rides in Dal Lake.