Unknown group claiming the responsibility of blasts in Darjeeling creates new confusion
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Sep-2017

Darjeeling, September 8: Every time Darjeeling tries to recover from the devastating situation, a new problem pushes it back to the darkness again. When a group of leaders from Gorkha Janmukti Morcha softened their tone regarding the strike, a little-known group called Gorkha Liberation Army claiming responsibility for the blasts in the hill area has created confusion.

In a poster plastered in Mirik, the group claimed its responsibility. The group is not affiliated with any political party. "We take the responsibility of all the blasts that have taken place in recent days," the poster, written in Nepali, stated. On Wednesday only people could hear a sound of a blast in Mirik, the source of sound is still unknown.

In an aggressive tone, the group warned "GLA is ready to go to any extent for the cause of the community and land, even if we need to kill or die. Keep this mind, the Bengal government." Police have started an investigation to trace GLA and who they are exactly.

When the hill is on the verge of being active again, the poster has created confusion. Even police are thinking if this is just a tool to create chaos in the area. "One cannot rule out the possibility of diversionist strategy so as to divert the attention. A thorough investigation is needed," said a police official.