Hurricane Irma leaves 11 dead; tears path through Caribbean and heads Florida
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Sep-2017
London, 8 September: The UK government has increased the relief fund for British overseas territories devastated by Hurricane Irma to £32m, said Prime Minister Theresa May. The announcement - increasing the fund from £12m - was made by the PM as she said the government had responded "swiftly" to the disaster. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the government was doing all it could to help people affected.
May said: “It’s the most powerful storm to hit the Atlantic. It’s brought devastation in its wake. It’s destroyed buildings and infrastructure, but it’s had such an impact on people’s lives because people have seen their livelihoods completely destroyed, and of course some people are missing, and some will have lost loved ones.”
Hurricane Irma has caused widespread destruction across the Caribbean, reducing buildings to rubble and leaving at least 10 people dead. The low-lying British territory of Turks and Caicos is still in the storm's path and evacuations have started.
British Airways evacuated 326 passengers from Antigua on Tuesday and has managed to rebook many others across the Caribbean islands on to flights out with alternative airlines. Flights to and from several airports in Florida were being suspended, while Orlando's international airport said commercial flights would stop from 17:00 local time on Saturday. A state of emergency has been declared for Florida, Puerto Rico and Cuba.
Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in recorded history, made landfall on the islands of the north-east Caribbean on Wednesday morning, causing major flooding and damage to buildings. At least nine people are confirmed to have died and thousands more remain in shelters, their homes damaged or destroyed. In Puerto Rico, almost a million people are without power and 50,000 without water, according to the US territory’s department of emergency relief.