Don’t engage in doping, focus on proper diet and good coaching
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 11-Jan-2018

New Delhi, January 11: Dalip Singh Rana 'The Great Khali' has given a call to all the sportspersons in the country to focus on their nutrition, rather than fall prey to doping.

He also stated that the future of sports and wrestling in India has a great potential. The 45-year old added that Indian wrestlers must not lose their concentration in the sport, on winning medals, instead look forward to long-term solutions.

“The future of wrestling is very bright and it can be better if handled in a better way like if a coach is provided or if the facility of ground is given. The mentality of the Indian sportsmen is very weak. Many of them depend upon drugs. They feel that the consumption of drugs will help in enhancing their performance and will help them in clinching a medal. They receive too much of love after winning a medal that they forget to concentrate on sports,” Khali said.

“Sportspersons compete because they believe they will get a job after winning a medal for the country. Secondly, they do so just to get a medal for once and do not think about long-term. By consuming a drug, a sportsperson can reach heights only for a limited time-period. I urge sportsperson to not engage in doping and concentrate on having a proper diet and getting proper coaching,” he said.