This beauty on the walls of Madhya Pradesh will attract the tourism
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 12-Jan-2018

Bhopal, January 12: Walking on the path to keep the streets and places clean, we come across many paintings and artwork which enhance the surrounding. Enhancing the beauty of Mother Nature, painters in Bhopal have come forward and showcased their talent through paintings. To encourage their talent the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism has appreciated and used these as an opportunity to promote tourism.


Take the brush and paint it red! But in this case, paint it with whatever you get. Explore your creative thoughts and paint the walls with whatever possible way you can. The painters in Bhopal have painted the walls with mural painting which highlights the subject of social message and a drive to keep the environment clean. Interestingly, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism officials have enlightened this theme and used this to promote tourism in their state. Likewise they are even supporting people from every sector to come up with new ideas and enrich the beauty of the state to attract more tourism.


The paintings are quite attractive and the use of multi vibrant colours augments the beauty of the art to another level. They cater and cover almost every detail from presenting the state’s popularity, welcoming people to the city of lakes to painting the national animal on the wall. There are even instances of warli painting as enhancements in some wall piece. These mural paintings have encompassed almost everything under one roof.