PM Modi asks youth to become an agent for 'new India'
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 12-Jan-2018

New Delhi, January 12: While addressing the students of the Gautam Buddha University in Greater Noida on Friday during the inaugural programme of the 22nd National Youth Festival, PM Modi via video-conferencing asked the youth to become an agent of change for the emergence of India as a new India.


PM Modi asked the youth to come forward and become job creators and think out of the box. He further added that in New Delhi today that the government wants to make youth job creators and as youngest innovators. "Do not worry. Move ahead, take the first step. The government is with you," PM said, referring to those youth planning to set up start-ups.

PM Modi also noted that while patience was a virtue, it should not stop the youth from coming up with innovative ideas for the benefit of the country and society. The Prime Minister also urged the youth to make sports a part of their lives. He said youth should resolve to create the India that the freedom fighters dreamt of. He said one had to make the beginning alone and if the person was committed to the path chosen, others would join him.

The Prime Minister assured the youth that they would not have to worry about bank guarantees, loans and a heavy paperwork as they would get all the help from the government. "We will hand-hold you. Then, you are yourself capable of moving ahead," he added.

PM Modi also stated that the there has to be an ecosystem of innovation among youth. “Some people will tell that today's youth lack patience,” the Prime Minister added. PM Modi said, during the Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio last month, he had called for organizing mock parliaments in the districts to further the spirit of discussion among the youth.

Earlier at the start of a video conference, PM Modi hailed ISRO scientists for the successful PSLV C-40 mission, saying the moment signifies the agency's achievements as well the country's "bright future" in the space programme.