An eternal conflict: North Korea blames US for trying “to disrupt” its dialogue with South Korea
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 15-Jan-2018

Pyongyang, January 15: Though South Korea-North Korea relation is on the way of improvement, North Korea-US relation remains at the same place. The hermit country is not in any mood to establish peace with the US. It has accused the United States of attempting to disrupt its dialogue with South Korea. Earlier on Monday, it also warned of pulling out of Olympics as South Korean president Moon Jae-in credited Trump for the inter-Korean talk.

North Korea’s ruling party newspaper Rodong Sinmun has written the US is preparing to deploy its strategic military assets around the Korean Peninsula. "The US is repeating its pledge not to ease sanctions and pressure until the North abandons nuclear and ballistic missile programs. It is throwing cold water on an atmosphere of reconciliation," the newspaper wrote.

Resembling North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s tone, the newspaper has warned that North Korea has various options to use against the US in appropriate time. Earlier, during his new year speech, Kim Jong said he has a nuclear button on his desk. But however, after that, the events took a dramatic turn.

After crossing four days of the happy period, North Korean media again has started writing aggressive reports against US, especially the reports show discontent over South Korea’s attempt to credit the US for inter-Korean talks. On Sunday, Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) warned that North can still withdraw from Olympics.