North Korea warns Olympics withdrawal after South Korean President praises Trump
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 15-Jan-2018

Seoul, January 15: The high hopes which were rising around North Korea’s probable participation in Winter Olympics might get struck in midway. Ahead of North-South Korea talk on sending art delegation to send an art troupe to the Winter Olympics, North Korea’s state-run news agency expressed strong discontent over South Korean President’s speech crediting the US for an inter-Korean talk.

Though North Korean leader Kim Jong-un himself did not comment on the issue, the state-run news agency warned to pull out of Winter Olympics over the response to recent "ill-boding" remarks by South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

"They should know that train and bus carrying our delegation to the Olympics are still in Pyongyang ... The South Korean authorities had better ponder over what unfavorable results may be entailed by their impolite behavior," KCNA(Korean Central News Agency)said.

Last week after two long years, the two Koreas held an official talk in so-called border “peace village”. After the talk, North Korea agreed to send its delegation in Winter Olympics. UN Chief, US President welcomed the positive outcome. South Korean President credited the US for the revival of the inter-Korean bond but North Koreans clearly did not take it well.

KCNA said South Korean President’s attitude casts doubt over the improved inter-Korean tie. The report depicted Moon's government "a group of pro-U.S. traitors who are only keen on currying favor with their master and keeping their power even at the sacrifice of the Winter Olympics."