Amid inter-Korean talks, US silently beefing up its presence in Korean Peninsula
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 16-Jan-2018

Pentagon, January 16: While Washington is not at all giving up diplomacy to resolve Korean Peninsula crisis, at the same time it is also beefing up its presence in the area. The United States has deployed stealth bombers, at least one extra aircraft carrier and a new amphibious assault ship to the region though Pentagon officials are describing it as routine training and scheduled upgrades.

Ahead of Winter Olympics, ice is melting among two Koreas which US has welcomed officially. It has even agreed to postpone drill with South Korea ahead of game. But n silence, it is also increasing its military power. About recent Guam deployment, a statement said, it is intended to provide leaders with "deterrent options to maintain regional stability."

The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier has already departed for the western Pacific which will reach waters near the Korean Peninsula ahead of the start of the Games on Feb. 9, as per South Korean media reports. On top of that, North Korea has accused the U.S. of planning to send another carrier.

Meanwhile, representatives of both Koreas held a second round of talks Monday near the Demilitarized zone. North Korea's delegation has agreed to send a 140-member art troupe to Olympics. Discussions are ongoing continue over fielding a joint women's hockey team.